Windows Information Gathering: network interfaces, routing table, arp cache table

Available network interfaces:

Routing table

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Windows Information Gathering: OS, hostname, user list, current user info

Get OS we’re connected to:


Get Hostname


Get current username

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Searching for passwords on windows filesystem and register

# The command below will search the file system for file names containing certain keywords. You can specify as many keywords as you wish.

# Search certain file types for a keyword, this can generate a lot of output.

# Similarly the two commands below can be used to grep the registry for keywords, in this case “password”.

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4 sites where everyone can see your password

In this list you can find some interesting links that will make you doubt about your data security. Too many people thinks that give their own data to big corp means that they be protected. Actually is a big lie.

Leak forums

Here you can find a lot of (often very fresh) database of users. What does it mean? That if your data were stolen due to some attacks, everyone can see your username, passoword and e-mail.


A very full list of leaked databases.